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68,17 EUR*
Details Assisted Suicide: The Liberal, Humanist Case Against Legalization

Kevin Yuill goes straight to the heart of a difficult issue. Critical of both sides of the discussion, this book presents an up-to-date analysis of the direction discussion is taking, showing that atheists, libertarians, those favouring abortion ...

13,76 EUR*
Details The Heart of Philosophy

Jacob Sullum goes beyond debate on legalization or the proper way to win the "war on drugs," to the heart of a social and individual defense of using drugs. Saying Yes argues that the all-or-nothing thinking that has long dominated discussions of ...

96,00 EUR*
Details Abortion in the Developing World

Abortion in the Developing World The result of a WHO research project, this work examines abortion in the developing world and what happens when it occurs. The editors advocate the legalization of abortion as a first step, but show that true ...